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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oggun and Osun

(from my journal)

.....Two brothas—{OMITTED} and [OMITTED]; both revolutionaries in heart, both omo ogun and omo orunmila; both seeking to build nations, community, unify the Black Nation; build our own schools and communities and businesses…just one is coming from the muslim [Nation of Islam] perspective, the other from ifa [Traditional Yoruban]….Ogun just spoke through the divinationat the bembe about this very unity in WORK, networking and standing together as a people, getting free with self-sufficiency. Ogun the hunter, the man alone in the bush who learns how to build fires, salt and preserve meat, sew clothes from skins and leaves, cook the meat of his hunt…he IS progress and that is what we need right now…transitioning from the new moon of Ogun which is work and progress to the new moon of Oshun which is the reaping of the REWARD (pleasure) of our work, the GIFTS of our labor. When we think of oshun, we think of pleasure, sensuality, bliss, enjoyment, lavish gifts….how to we enjoy anything? Only by having worked for it and overcome negativity and adversity do we truly enjoy our pleasure. It is only when we’ve labored for days and strained our backs and necks do we appreciate that good deep SENSUAL massage. That, to me, is an example of the transition from Ogun’s work to Oshun’s pleasure….6:40 pm 4/7/10

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